JHS Pedals Four Wheeler Bass Fuzz

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JHS Pedals 4 Wheeler V2 Bass Fuzz Pedal New!! Authorized Dealer!!!
Product description

With Volume, Tone, Fuzz and a specially tuned Gate control, the ability to tweak away is at your fingertips. There is enough volume/headroom to shake any stage, as well as drive your amp as hard as you would ever need. The tone and fuzz controls are super flexible with usable sweeps all the way around, while the gate control can give you those much desired synth break-offs or just the right amount of jab for that perfect riff. The Hi/Lo toggle switch lets you go from a deeper, more low-end focused range of tones to the normal V1 settings.Bass players are raving about it and guitar players even seem to love what it does to their tone, so this may be the fuzz to fit the bill...JHS Pedals are hand-built by real people in Kansas City, Missouri.This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power and measures 2.2 x4.3 x1.5 .Order your JHS Pedals 4 Wheeler V2 Bass Fuzz Pedal

JHS Pedals Four Wheeler Bass Fuzz Features:
  • Very tight fuzz

  • 60's jam to modern fuzz

  • Tuned gate control

  • Lots of head room

  • 9 volt operation