Hosa G5S-6 CAIG DeoxIT GOLD Contact Enhancer 5% Spray, 5 oz

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Contact Enhancer

DeoxIT GOLD is a unique conditioning solution designed for use in critical applications where only slight cleaning action is necessary. Enhance, condition, and protect your new metal connectors and contacts with CAIG DeoxIT.

You can use DeoxIT Gold to dissolve a small amount of oxidation, though it only has .5% cleaning action - it's not a cleaning solution, but a highly effective protectant.. It effectively improves conductivity of virtually all plated and base metals such as gold, silver, rhodium, copper, bronze and nickel. It is intended for use on new and recently cleaned surfaces only. A must have cleaning and protection product!

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  • Enhances, protects, lubricates, and maintains optimum signal quality
  • Reduces intermittent connections, arcing, and RFI as well as wear and abrasion
  • Provides long-lasting protection from oxidation on plated surfaces
  • 5 oz.