Mogami Gold Series Patch Cable (XLRM to RCA, 20 Foot)

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Male XLR to RCA cable. Black XLR with gold contac


  • Mogami Gold XLRM-RCA Unbalanced Patch Cables are an excellent choice for audio, S/PDIF, and video signals.
  • Designed for DJs and high-end consumer audio applications, this RCA to XLR Male adapter cable features low loss, neutral tone, and Mogami's signature shielding for a dead-silent background.
  • The Mogami Gold XLRM-RCA Unbalanced Patch Cables are equipped with a gold contact RCA male plug connector going to a gold contact XLR male plug connector and wired with Mogami 2964 Unbalanced 75 Ohm Miniature Coaxial Audio/Video cable. Use one for mono and two for stereo.
  • This Mogami GOLD XLRM-RCA-20 Unbalanced Patch Cable is a 20 foot length. The Mogami GOLD XLRM-RCA Unbalanced Patch Cable series is also available in 6 and 12 foot lengths.
  • Mogami Lifetime "No Excuses" Warranty to the original purchaser when purchased from an Authorized Reseller.