Mogami GOLD 8 TRSXLRF-8 Channel TRS-XLR Female Snake Cable 10 Feet 2-Day Delivery

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Mogami Gold 8 Channel TRS-XLR Female Snake Cable 10 Feet

  • Individually twisted shielded pairs.
  • XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) insulation provides superb electrical characteristics and will not melt or shrink back during soldering.
  • Rugged and flexible construction that is easy to handle, even at temperatures down to -20 deg C (-4 deg F).
  • Easy cable identification system:Channel numbers are printed and underlined on each core jacket to ensure correct identification, regardless of which end is stripped.
  • Outer jackets of each pair are color coded by standard

Product Description
The Mogami Gold 8 TRSXLRF-10 is a high-quality 8-channel, 10-foot snake cable with gold-plated TRS-XLRF connectors.