Mogami Belt Pack for Shure Wireless Systems, Gold 1/4" TS Straight Plug, 30"

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Product Description:
Belt Pack cables for Shure Wireless Systems with one TA4F plug to a straight connector.
  • Features: Mogami Gold BPSH TS-xx Belt Pack for Shure wireless systems adapts a Switchcraft TA4F plug to a gold 1/4" straight TS male plug connector.
  • Use with: Designed to fit most Shure wireless systems, Mogami Gold BPSH TS-xx Belt Pack cables provide crystal-clear tone and a drop-dead silent background.
  • Other: Mogami Gold Instrument cable has been the top choice for wiring professional recording studios for decades, and now available in a perfect-fit Belt Pack for superior sound and clarity through your Shure wireless system in a design that preserves the unique personality of your electric guitar.
  • Length: 24"