ART Pro-VLA II Two Channel Vactrol-based Compressor 2-Day Delivery

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ART Pro-VLA II Two Channel Vactrol-based Compressor
  • VCA-Less Vactrol Opto-Compression Design, Mastering Quality Audio Signal Path with Tube Gain Stage, Variable Threshold, Ratio & Output Controls
  • Enhanced Link Mode - While in stereo link mode, channel 1 level control acts as a master output level and channel 2 becomes a balance control between them, - optimizing the Pro-VLA II for use as a mastering tool
  • LED Backlit VU Input/Output Level Metering Indicates Both Average Level And Peak Hold
  • Accurate Ten Segment LED Gain Reduction Metering. +4dBu/-10dBu Mode Switch Optimizes Pro-VLA II For Interface with Professional OR Consumer Grade Components
  • Active Balanced XLR And ¼-Inch Inputs & Outputs. Toroidal Transformer Reduces Mechanical & Electrical Hum
Product Description
Now here's something you don't see every day. The ART Pro-VLA II is a pro-quality, 2-channel, tube-based opto-compressor/leveling amp that, get this, anyone can afford. Seriously, don't let the price fool you, the Pro-VLA II is every bit as cool as it sounds. This top-notch triumph of tube technology combines a simple analog signal path with high-quality tube and vactrol opto-compression leveling circuitry to give you transparent dynamic control with truly musical results. Whether you need a special extra something in your studio or live, the Pro-VLA II is there for you!